The Zen seminar / Sat 20 May 2017 – The genuine ‟Zen”
Steve Jobs believed.

2017.04.10 EVENT

~Zen : mindfulness workshop by Soto-shu monks~


Sat 20 May 2017 14:00 – Sat 20 May 2017 17:30(Q&A included)

8 min to walk from JR Sugamo station
Address: Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Sengoku 3-28-5, Tokyo, Old house KANOU
2017年5月20日(土)14:00開始 - 17:30(Q&A含む)終了予定
場所: 東京都文京区千石3-28-5  古民家かのう
・3,900 yen / per person (お一人様、3,900円)

< Schedule >

1. Learn about ”ZEN”
   ・What is ”ZEN”?
   ・”Wabi”: The value of SIMPLENESS and ”Sabi” : The value of SILENCE
2. Practice ”ZEN”
   Sit on a cushion called ”Zafu” and feel ”ZEN” in your mind.
3. ”Food” and ”Zen”
■ Q & A / Networking – Drink and snack prepared

< Instructor’s Profile >

Zenchi Uno

Zenchi Uno was born as the first child of Soto-shu family in Yamagata prefecture. After he graduated from his university (majored in Biology), he learned about Zen for 3 years and then took ascetic training in Fukui-prefecture. Currently, he is teaching ”Zen” philosophy in Soto-shu laboratory and dedicating promotional activities by facilitating workshops and making promotional tools.

The genuine ”Zen” Steve Jobs believed.
~Zen : mindfulness workshop by Soto-shu monks~

Culture shock in Japan, challenging working environment, tough parental care, relationship with partner, etc… The stress and worries are the part of our life and they are something we cannot avoid. However, if we do not manage them well, our view becomes too narrow to think about ”happiness” and ”bright future”. In other words, we lose our ”mind”. In order to increase our ”mindfulness”, Japan has developed the philosophy of ”Zen” taking nearly 500 years of time. It is all about the respect of ”Wabi = Simpleness” and ”Sabi = Silence”.
In this workshop, we will invite the monks of Soto zen. as facilitators and lead you learn and practice ”Zen” in order to enhance your ”mindfulness” in your file.
Soto zen has more than 800 years of history and it became internationally famous because Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, was one of the most eager ”Zen” practitioners in the group.

For more information, please visit the below URL and complete registration if you would like to join.

Cancellation Policy

  • before 30th April : No cancellation fee
  • after 1st May up to 13th May : 30% of workshop fee
  • after 14th May up to 17th May : 50% of workshop fee
  • after 18th May up to 20th May : 100% of workshop fee

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