CEO Message

ルジュナ代表 中川直紀 Naoki Nakagawa Rjuna LLC / CEO
Naoki Nakagawa
Rjuna LLC / CEO


学生時代にジャズ演奏家との接点を多く持ったきっかけから(田町にあったJazz Club:三田倶楽部にて)、鑑賞では飽き足らず、たまにですがジャズドラムをかじっています。趣味の範囲ですが、かなり高いハードルに直面しており、その克服を楽しんでいます。

I have been involved with various projects in the education industry for the last 20 years.
During this time I refined my business skills working at NTT Resonant that provided IT services utilizing closed SNS for private schools in Japan before moving on to work at a large training company here in Tokyo.
I was a manager in the Global Sales and Planning department of JAL’s training company. In my role there I worked with the Human Resource Development and Training departments of various well-known companies in a wide range of industries.
Through this I have developed a depth of experience regarding global training and consulting and my understanding of the challenges faced by Japanese business people when conducting business in English (or other languages)on the world stage.
I leverage this experience to create highly effective training programs especially for young generation focused on developing the communication/business skills needed to succeed in today’s fast paced global business arena.

As a university student I developed a keen interest in Jazz music and often visited a famous club in Tamachi( Mita Club ) to interact with musicians there. Through this I became inspired to start playing Jazz drums myself.
I found drumming challenging at first, but now enjoy regularly taking part in jam sessions.